HighInd clinical Solutions Pvt. Ltd supports Clinical Research services which is established and headquartered at Bangalore, India which supports Pharmaceutical, Biotech companies with 7 yrs of onsite experience in procurement of biospecimens. We work for a high-quality control to procure human tissue and biofluid samples that are required by our clients to support research and development. Our specimens include fresh, frozen, and FFPE. Specimens collected are by certified medical professionals and are examined by our pathologists before we ship samples to our clients. We perform QC checks to maintain high quality which needs to the requirement of the client.

We have a tremendous network of sites across various Asian countries. Where we have direct access to all kinds of human biospecimens. We work with stringent policies to procure samples from respective sites to meet the criteria of our clients. We always build a better solution for our clients to produce good quality results within a faster timeline.