As a CRO from India, we have separate team for quality assurance. They continually check and maintain the international standard of the retrospective blocks and services we provide. The team is well trained with ICH-GCP guidelines to perform projects as per

Clients who confirm every block we source has the global standard. Also, all the consignments before being shipped, we make sure it meets all the parameters of quality. Some of the quality parameters are listed below:

• Feasibility Request
• Turnaround Time
• Purchase Order
• Sample Procurement
• Quality Control
• Preparation of manifest
• Proper Packaging
• Proper Storage and handling
• Shipment
• Tracking until reaches to Customer

These are the steps of our unique way as a reputed CRO, we follow to maintain our brand online. More than a business, we consider providing the best service for availing project-based orders to our customers.